What We Do

Mime/Movement and Education

Mime and movement are a universal language that use the human body to express our emotions, thoughts and feelings and lead us to a fuller sense of being. It is understood everywhere in the world. Mime training not only gives students a chance to experience the art, but exposes them to a step by step system which teaches important body awareness, strength, and basic technique. With these tools they can discover their own underused fantasies, illusions and dreams. Learning mime is a positive outlet, building the creative power of children, giving them the freedom to express feelings that are often lost in the information age, and helping them to build more self-confidence.

Workshops offered by the New Jersey Center for Mime and by Yass Hakoshima:

Current Programming

The NJ Center for Mime was recognized by the NJ Dept. of Education as a professional training facility for teachers. Now in its 31st year, the New Jersey Center for Mime conducts workshops throughout the year. Programs in mime and movement are offered for adults, college students, teenagers and children from the age of 10. With the help of our educational advisory board, we are in the process of developing a mime curriculum to benefit young aspiring artists.

Mime/movement workshops for professionals in the performing arts and in the educational community are offered throughout the year at locations such as: universities, colleges and arts centers.

The Body Awareness and Expression Institute, housed within the New Jersey Center for Mime, offers training opportunities for students of all ages who are interested in the art of mime, stage movement, Alexander Technique, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and Body Awareness. The institute is a dynamic institution that constantly develops new courses and recruits distinguished teachers to increase its value as a training facility and enhance its public image.

Individual one- on- one masterclasses for professional actors, dancers or singers are offered at the studio of the NJ Center for Mime or at other locations.

Teacher Training Workshops:

Danmari is committed to contributing to the Ongoing Professional Development Workshops for teachers of Gifted and Talented students and teachers of English as a Second Language. The workshop focuses on how teachers can encourage and teach their varied student populations to communicate with and better understand their peers and others by gaining a knowledge of body language as a means of expression. By providing students with enhanced communication skills, this program can help reduce tensions felt by the now marginalized, non- verbal or non- English speaking students.

We work with an educational specialist to combine our knowledge of mime and body movement with the latest methods of instruction to develop a model program that will improve the current educational system by addressing its verbal bias. These workshops are being presented throughout New Jersey at schools and /or arts centers, or at the NJ Center for Mime Studio in Montclair, NJ.

For further information please contact Renate Boué, at 973-785-2101, or send an e-mail to: yasshakoshima@verizon.net