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The NJ Center for Mime

Expression and Imagination
Yass Hakoshima’s workshops offer training in mime technique, body awareness & effective expression.

Through carefully designed physical and mental exercises of Eastern and Western origins you will learn the most important basic elements of body awareness, dynamics and function. These will give your body strength, flexibility and correct breathing. You will begin to use your body as a whole to express your thoughts and feelings more freely and be able to use communicative skills as well as your physical expression.

Based on this knowledge of body awareness, the easy step-by-step practice of classical mime technique will help you to gain self-confidence. At the end of the workshop you will be able to construct and present your own short message of body language.

To gain physical and mental strength and develop new skills in order to improve self-confidence and effective expression!

The New Jersey Center for Mime (NJCM), is the state’s first and only professional mime institute, directed by Yass Hakoshima, world-touring mime/movement artist. NJCM provides comprehensive training in all aspects of mime and movement, from theory to technique to performance skills.

NJCM is registered with the NJ Dept. of Education as Provider, a professional development and teacher training facility. Teachers may use this workshop toward their 100-hour requirement. (Certificates will be issued to qualifying teachers.) The NJ Center for Mime is accessible to people with disabilities.

Our workshops are open to all interested in this artform, from professionals to amateurs.

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The Importance of Mime/Movement in Education

Mime/Movement techniques and the accompanying sensitivity to non-verbal communication addresses an essential inequity in our current educational system. Much of our current school curriculums are focused on what John Gardner has identified as “verbal intelligence.” Non-verbal students as well as those for whom English is not their first language, have not been well served.

Danmari is committed to contributing to Ongoing Professional DevelopmentWorkshops for teachers of Gifted and Talented students and teachers of English as a Second Language. These workshops focus on how teachers can encourage and teach their varied student populations to communicate with and better understand their peers and others by gaining a knowledge of body language as a means of expression. By providing students with enhanced communication skills, this program can help reduce tensions felt by the now marginalized, non- verbal or non- English speaking students.

Danmari works with an educational specialist to combine the knowledge of mime and body movement with the latest methods of instruction to develop a model program that will improve the current educational system by addressing its verbal bias. These workshops can be presented throughout New Jersey at schools and/or arts centers.

The content of the workshop is preserved in an instructional study guide on the art of Mime and Movement as teaching tool for teachers in elementary through high schools. The study guide demonstrates the techniques for understanding mime and movement as a universal language and learning to appreciate body language as a method of communication. It also shows Mr. Hakoshima’s approach to introducing students to mime/movement techniques, helping them gain an appreciation of how knowledge of a theatrical art form can enrich their everyday lives.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our work and how you can help. Again we thank the many individuals and organizations who have helped us through donations and grants large and small.