Montclair Modern Dance Center

Classes are taught throughout the year at the Montclair Modern Dance Center one of the oldest Modern Dance establishments in this area. Renate Boué, founder and director of the center has taught the Erick Hawkins technique for more than 30 years.The accent is on the joy of movement.

This dance technique emphasizes the natural flow of movement, combining the ability to move freely with strength and great flexibility, eliminating stress or strain. At the same time through individual attention and correction, proper alignment and body-awareness are carefully developed.

This dance form is ideal for students of all ages, regardless of prior experience. All participants, whether enthusiastic beginners, intermediate or aspiring professionals, will find that the Erick Hawkins technique provides the mental and physical well-being helpful in dealing with everyday stress and pressures of any profession, resulting in a happier, more relaxed outlook.

For information and registration please visit our Classes & Workshops page, call Renate Boué at 973-783-9845 or send an e-mail to: